School Uniforms are a Good Policy pt. 2

Last time I reviewed a few benefits of enforcing school uniforms in schools: namely reducing distractions and creating a sense of community among students. But there are some important social reasons for why school uniforms are a good idea, and should not be limited to private schools: the current status quo in Ontario.

While the exact cause has yet to be identified, studies have shown schools that institute school uniforms experience a significant reduction in misbehaviour and bullying (and that was in comparison to schools with a dress code already in place). One theory is that enforcing dress uniformity among students levels the “socio-economic playing field”, for who can doubt in our materialistic society that clothes serve as our status symbols of choice. Research has shown that fashion is often the main catalyst for social conflict in schools. It is also possible that school uniforms alter the school environment by reconstructing the atmosphere of the classroom as a place of professionalism and learning instead of a place for socializing.

School uniforms are different than dress codes, and offer many more benefits to Ontario’s education system. School uniforms also prepare children for the workplace by teaching them how to dress appropriately and professionally. School uniforms are much more affordable now than they used to be, and they help parents save time dressing their children during hectic school mornings.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Please leave a comment below!


5 thoughts on “School Uniforms are a Good Policy pt. 2

  1. Yes, I agree that school uniforms are an important policy. Here in the UK, most schools wear uniform right through to the sixth form, so it’s very normal. To those people who think that school uniform restricts self-expression, I would disagree – you can often (subtly) accessorise to add your own touch, bring different bags to school, even wear your uniform differently to a certain extent. The slight restriction of self-expression is made up for by the productive atmosphere of professionalism. Also, you’re not in school uniform 24/7, so you have plenty of other opportunities to express yourself in fashion.

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