One Student’s Private School Experience

I wanted to try something a little different in between my usual posts about Ontario’s private school and education realm! If you are a parent or student, I hope you will still enjoy! So far I have been reporting on education news and statistical trends, but I want to provide an opportunity to look at the human experience of private school.

The Globe and Mail interviewed Queen’s University Engineering graduate Robert Lee, now 27, who is the Senior Manager of Strategic and Business Initiatives, Asia Pacific, at VeriFone Inc. Robert Lee attended a Toronto private school all his life, and when it came time for applying to university, he said: “I applied to seven schools and I got into all of them. … One hundred per cent of my graduating class went to university”.

When asked about how his private school experience affected his education, Robert Lee responded to the interviewer by crediting his success at university to his independent school education:

blog image quote work 2


Quotation/Interview Source:
All credit to the original The Globe and Mail interview

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